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terms of this agreement (MANGOEDITS™)


Monthly MangoEdits™ payments begin at the time of subscription and renew monthly on that date, or the previous business day in the event of weekends/holidays. A credit card or bank account is required for a MangoEdits™ subscription. Late payments will be subject to a 5% late penalty for every 5 days past due.

Any overages (hours or expenses) beyond the scope of this contract will be billed on the 30th of the month. You will never be billed for work completed without your prior consent.


Subscribing to the MangoEdits™ Program commits you to 12 months. You may choose to end your contract within 60 days after enrollment. After 60 days, if you wish to terminate your contract prior to the 12th month, the entire remaining balance for all unpaid months will be due immediately.


You are responsible for proofreading and approving all final copy (text) before the launch of the new website. Email verification from you shall be conclusive as to the approval of all artwork, logos, photographs or designs. Additional fees may apply for edits made after Final Artwork has been approved.


Mango Weblab reserves the right to use images of and links to all work produced under this contract for self promotion.


The Client will own the website and any visuals provided by the Web Designer. The Web Designer will turn over all necessary files.

The Client guarantees that they have legal rights to all elements of text, photographs, and anything else that they provide the Web Designer with, and will not hold the Web Designer responsible for any third-party claims.

The Web Designer will guarantee that they have legal rights to all elements related to the services they are providing and will not hold the client responsible for any third-party claims.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.


Please complete this form and make a payment to indicate your acceptance of this agreement.