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$99 / month

For small businesses who need the technical aspects of their website covered. You focus on your business, we’ll cover the website.

mango care? umm...what?

MangoCare™ is a Premium WordPress Hosting and Management service that costs $99 per month.

As a small business owner, not maintaining your website, you can cause issues such as:

  • A high probability of hacker attacks
  • Decreased site speed and loss of position in search
  • A poor user experience – photos disappearing and content not properly showing up
  • Outdated plugins or content management systems leading to site failure

Why Choose MangoCare™?

The biggest reason to choose MangoCare™ is peace of mind. Knowing that you have a reliable website partner that is going to work proactively to anticipate any potential problems and take steps that maintain the health of your website is priceless. 

Our security and website maintenance partners are some of the best in the business: 

what's included in MangoCare™

We handle all aspects of hosting so you don’t have to worry about them. If you’re a business owner without technical expertise or the time to learn and wish to avoid dealing with web hosting concerns, MangoCare™ is the ideal solution for you. Our managed hosting services encompass the following:

  • Managing disk usage
  • Monitoring bandwidth usage
  • Configuring PHP.ini settings
  • Maintaining the desired PHP version
  • Resolving server errors efficiently

Our top priority is ensuring the safety and security of your valuable data. Every night and week, we perform backups of your website, storing each backup type on distinct cloud servers to ensure redundancy. At any moment, we maintain up to 35 copies of your site. Should you require a rollback to a previous version, simply contact our customer support team.

Backup 1: Nightly, stored on the “nightly” remote cloud server, saved for 30 days

Backup 2: Weekly, stored on the “weekly” remote cloud server, saved for 30 days

Backup 3: Bi-weekly stored locally on the server but separate from the main site account.

What data is backed up?

We back up everything in your WordPress folder, including all uploaded files (/wp-content/uploads) as well as the site database.

Where do you store backups?

We utilize 3rd party cloud backup services that store backups on a completely different set of servers from your live site.

Can I have a zip file backup of my site?

Yes absolutely! Just send us an email or give us a call and we will provide you with a link to download a backup.

How do I restore a backup?

Just send us an email or give us a call and we can restore a backup for you.

We check for Google Analytics and Google Search Console and set them up if necessary.

Google Analytics

We incorporate Google Analytics and Google Search Console into your website setup. This not only involves essential data collection, but also aligns with the best practices of Search Engine Optimization. We handle the submission of a site map to Search Console on your behalf as well.

Google Analytics, a powerful tool available for free, is often overlooked by individuals who require a website but lack the necessary expertise or time to delve deeply into its features. While you may not perceive an immediate need for the data collected by Google Analytics, it may prove valuable in the future.

By having our experts configure this setup for you now, the data can accumulate over time and unveil surprising insights. These details can assist you in optimizing your website and formulating marketing strategies based on factual information rather than subjective impressions.

Google Analytics furnishes various types of data, including:

  • User behavior on your website
  • Sources through which visitors reach your site
  • Pages from which visitors exit your site
  • Duration of visitors’ sessions on your site

While there are many other aspects to Google Analytics, the bottom line is that every modern website should incorporate this tool. As part of our service to you, we ensure its correct implementation on your site!

Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two complementary tools that work together seamlessly. Search Console, a powerful free tool, should be constantly active in the background, gathering essential data about your website. By utilizing Search Console, you can gain valuable insights into the methods people employ to discover your site. It is imperative to correctly configure this indispensable tool on your website to ensure the availability of pertinent data when it is most required.

Google Search Console provides the following information:

  • The keywords utilized by visitors to find your site
  • The average ranking of your site for those keywords
  • The frequency with which your site appears in search results
  • The number of times links to your site are clicked

At Mango Weblab, we handle the setup of Google Search Console for your website, ensuring its proper functioning in the background and readiness whenever you may need it!

At Mango Weblab, we’ve discovered that CleanTalk is the ultimate tool to effectively combat spam comments and form submissions. As a premium plugin, we provide CleanTalk free of charge to all our valued customers, ensuring a seamless experience without any additional costs.

The CleanTalk Cloud Service offers automatic and seamless protection against spam for websites. By analyzing user behavior and evaluating completed form parameters, CleanTalk ensures that spam is kept at bay, all without any visible impact on your website’s performance.

Once installed on your website, the Anti-Spam Module diligently captures and assesses the behavior parameters of visitors and potential spambots. Based on these checks, the service intelligently decides whether to post a visitor’s message or identify it as spam and reject it. In this process, CleanTalk curates a comprehensive list of email addresses, IP addresses, and domains utilized by spambots, effectively building a robust blacklist.

Ensuring the safety of your website is our utmost responsibility. In the event of a hack occurring while under our watch, our exceptional team of WordPress specialists will promptly and meticulously eliminate any malicious software for you.

What’s Excluded

Our malware removal service solely focuses on eradicating the malware itself. If the malware was introduced due to a compromised password or an easily updatable plugin, we will address the security concern and provide free malware removal.

However, there are instances when malware infiltrates your site through susceptible plugins, an insecure theme, an outdated version of WordPress, outdated PHP, or similar issues.

Any development work required to ensure compatibility with security updates, or to replace front-end functionality that was previously dependent on a vulnerable plugin, is not included in the free malware removal service.

At  Mango Weblab, we prioritize the security of our clients’ websites. We take full responsibility for ensuring the safety of your site.

If, by any chance, your website gets hacked while under our watch, our team of WordPress experts will promptly and meticulously remove any malware detected, completely free of charge. We don’t ask any questions – we simply take care of it for you.

Our comprehensive security package, included with  Mango Weblab, consists of the following measures:

Ongoing WordPress Security:

  • Verifying that your site is running on the recommended version of PHP.
  • Ensuring that your WordPress installation is up to date with the latest version.
  • Regularly updating all plugins and themes.
  • Identifying and removing any unnecessary plugins and themes.
  • Checking for and removing spam comments.

Active Monitoring and Scanning:

  • Real-time monitoring of all code changes, including a lightweight malware scan.
  • Conducting daily deep scans for malware using off-server resources to minimize any impact on site performance.

Web Application Firewall Implementation:

  • Implementing a web application firewall to filter and block malicious traffic and protect against various types of attacks.

Login Protection and Bot Defense:

  • Safeguarding against brute force login attacks.
  • Deploying intelligent bot protection mechanisms to distinguish between legitimate users and malicious bots.

Activity Logging:

  • Maintaining detailed logs of website activities and events to aid in security incident detection and investigation.

Check and edit WordPress security settings:

One-Time WordPress Security Settings

  • Restrict access to files and directories (wp-config file to 600, for other files to 644, and for directories to 755.)
  • Configure security keys
  • Block unauthorized access to xmlrpc.php
  • Block directory browsing
  • Forbid execution of PHP scripts in the wp-includes directory
  • Forbid execution of PHP scripts in the wp-content/uploads directory
  • Block unauthorized access to wp-config.php
  • Disable scripts concatenation in the WordPress admin panel
  • Disable pingbacks
  • Disable PHP execution in cache directories
  • Disable file editing in WordPress Dashboard
  • Change the default database table prefix
  • Block access to sensitive files (for example, log files, shell scripts, and other executables)
  • Block author scans
  • Change the default administrator’s username

Everything, from search engine optimization to bounce rate and conversions, is influenced by the speed and load time of a website. We prioritize optimizing site speed to spare our customers from the complexities involved, as it encompasses a multitude of elements.

We work Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST). Although we cannot be reached beyond these hours via phone or email, we understand the importance of your website and take proactive measures to ensure its uninterrupted functionality. By regularly sending a ping every 60 seconds, we closely monitor your website. In the event of any unresponsiveness, our team promptly receives alerts and takes immediate action to restore its functionality. Rest assured, our server administrators work round the clock, seven days a week.

Neglecting software updates can expose your website to security risks that can be easily identified by platforms like hacker target.

At Mango Weblab, we handle updates for our customers diligently, conducting thorough checks and completing updates every two weeks.

Why would hackers target your website? They may aim to launch attacks through your site, host malicious code, or distribute mass spam emails.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are applications that enhance and expand the functionality of your WordPress website. Periodically, plugin developers release updates to fix issues and address security vulnerabilities. Keeping your plugins up to date ensures a secure and smoothly operating website.

When you choose WP Harbor as your hosting provider, we take care of plugin updates for you twice a month. This guarantees that your website always runs the latest plugin versions, effectively combating security threats.

It is also crucial to start with reliable plugins. With thousands of options available, not all plugins receive regular updates or provide responsive support. In addition to managing your plugin updates, we offer a selection of premium plugins for free as part of our service!

Theme Updates

Themes determine the appearance and core functionality of your website. Similar to plugins, theme updates are necessary to maintain a secure site and avoid conflicts. Failing to apply available updates can make your site vulnerable to hackers and other security threats. As part of our service, we update themes and plugins twice a month to ensure your website’s safety.

WordPress Updates

WordPress serves as the widely used Content Management System (CMS) for most websites today. Regular updates are required to address security vulnerabilities and keep up with changes in the underlying code base (PHP).

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are well-prepared for success! By enrolling in MangoCare™, we will offer the following crucial SEO recommendations to guarantee your website’s optimal performance:

  1. Implementation of Google Analytics
  2. Configuration of Google Search Console
  3. Submission of an XML sitemap to Google
  4. Enhancing site speed
  5. Activation of SSL certificate for your website.

Unlike most web hosting companies that focus solely on providing hosting space without considering the functioning of your website, we take a different approach. Our aim is to offer premium managed hosting and WordPress management services.

We prioritize the performance of your website by actively monitoring it. If there is any downtime, we strive to be the first to identify and address the issue promptly. Our dedicated team investigates and resolves the problem in most cases to ensure your website is up and running smoothly.

MangoCare™ customers enjoy a comprehensive collection of high-quality plugins, collectively valued at over $800 if obtained separately.

The assortment of plugins we provide are widely utilized by small businesses and organizations. Typically, each website would need to procure individual licenses for each plugin. However, we secure developer licensing for these plugins, enabling us to share them with our customers at no extra charge. These plugins empower our customers to perform various essential tasks, such as enhancing security of your website, creating a storefront, improve your site’s speed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more.

SSL certificates encrypt the data that is sent between a website and a user’s browser. This protects sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and passwords, from being intercepted by hackers.

In the past, SSL certificates were only required for websites that processed credit card information. However, Google has been pushing for all websites to have an SSL certificate. In 2014, Google announced that they would give preference in search results to websites with an SSL certificate. In 2017, Google and Firefox started flagging websites without an SSL certificate as “Not Secure.”

We install an SSL certificate and verify that it is working correctly on all websites that we manage. This helps to protect your website and your visitors’ data.

Here are some of the benefits of having an SSL certificate:

  • Protects sensitive information
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Builds trust with visitors
  • Comply with PCI DSS regulations

If you are not sure whether your website has an SSL certificate, you can check the address bar of your browser. If the address starts with “https://” instead of “http://,” then your website has an SSL certificate.

We’ll handle the entire migration of your site to MangoCare™. After you sign up, simply complete a short onboarding form and your Account Manager will take care of the rest. We’ll migrate your site and update your DNS records for you.

We are confident you will be pleased with our services, and that you’ll be part of the Mango Weblab family for a long time. However, if you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason,  simply notify us and we will cancel your account. No unnecessary paperwork, no red tape, and no hidden clauses.